Request a Skype Call

For all clients I offer an initial  30 minutes legal consultation for a fixed fee of £35, Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 8pm. You must book the consultation at least two days’ in advance. In the event that you make a payment and the service, for any reason, cannot be provided, your payment will be refunded in full. Please write to:

During this initial consultation I will:

  • Identify and understand all aspects of your legal case
  • Advise you on the applicable laws 
  • Advise you on possible solutions and ways forward in relation to your particular case
  • Give you an estimate of the fee involved for eventual representation and timescale in resolving your case

To book a Skype Conference Call please fill the information in the form provided, pay required fee of £35 and add my Skype name, yavrichev1 to your Skype account :